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PAROVEL OIL: the history and the present

Blog / 23/10/2017

frantoio antico trieste caresana parovel zoran

At the village of Caresana-Mačkolje, our birthplace, there is still an old mill with millstones made of granite, now a museum, where all the growers in the area led their olives to pressing. When November came between the wine cellars and the oil mill in the village it was a big feast. Women and men took to the mill baskets filled with bianchera-belica (native olive variety of the area of ​​San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina) and each patiently waited for their turn. To spin the wheel there were the younger and stronger men, women and older men encouraged from the sides or standing for a chat outside the mill. The last year of opening of this mill dates back to 1963.

Today our own oil mill is located in Zona Artigianale Dolina 546 and we wait for you there with free and guided tastings and direct purchase of the NEW OIL!

SUNDAYS: 29th October, 12th November - direct puchase from 10:00 to 16:00.
Guided tasting upon reservation at the following timetables 10:30, 11:30, 12:30

SATURDAYS: 28th October, 4th and 18th November - free tastings and direct purchase from 15:00 to 18:00.

info & reservations
tel. +39 040-227050 | +39 346-7590953


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NEW OIL AT PAROVEL'S OIL MILL 2017: Bianchera is our queen!

Blog / 19/10/2017

BIANCHERA 2017 Parovel campagna olearia trieste

The main variety cultivated in our territory is called Bianchera - Belica (Slovenian name for the cultivar), selected over the centuries in the territory of the municipality of San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina. Its name probably derives from the fact that the change in color of the fruit (lathe) is late and progressive, and almost never complete even at advanced maturation.

It lives well on the marvelous-arenaceous hills surrounding the Gulf of Trieste, but also on the most exposed limestone terrain of the Karst plateau. Among the main agronomic characteristics of this native variety is a high resistance to cold temperatures. Oil production is high, and yields are generally higher than 16%. Biancheria oil has some characteristic and very important aspects: a high percentage of oleic acid and a high content of polyphenols, natural antioxidants, as well as an extremely low oil acidity.

Are you curious to know more? For all of you there is NEW OIL at PAROVEL OIL MILL at our Oil Mill in Zona Artigianale Dolina 546 in Trieste.

SUNDAYS: 22 and 29 October, November 12 - direct sale from 10:00 to 16:00.
Guided tastings (upon reservation) at the following times: 10:30, 11:30, 12:30

SATURDAYS: 28th October, 4th and 18th November - tasting and direct sale from 15:00 to 18:00.

info & reservations:
tel. +39 040-227050 | +39 346-7590953

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Parovel Summer Osmiza, the osmiza under Val Rosandra stars from August 3 - 10


From August 3rd to 10th it's Osmiza d'Estate Parovel in Val Rosandra

What's better than a nice breezy porch in these hot summer days? The possibility to enjoy also some excellent wines!
Under the intertwining vines the Parovel Winery opens its Summer Osmiza and welcomes you with its line of Barde local wines to accompany cold cuts of the house, artisan cheeses from the Karst in the quiet Val Rosandra, at the foot of Mount Carso and a short walk from the Rosandra stream.
See you in Bagnoli della Rosandra 624, Trieste.

Thursday, August 10th at 21:00

"Science Concert, sulle note della scienza"
by Science Industries with Lorenzo Pizzuti, best Italian scientific disseminator FameLab 2016, together with a company of young scientists lent to theatre.
Scientific dissemination becomes a show in a mix of songs and funny science pills, a voyage through the nature misteries and the curiosities of the world that surrounds us for an entertaining and show night at animazione e spettacolo to the limits of knowledge.
Let's rock this science!
Free entrance

Info and reservations:
+39 346 7590953

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Parovel wine harvest 2017, characterized by harmonius musts

The Parovel vintage 2017 is already in the cellar. And to understand how this vintage went, we asked Euro Parovel, the winemaker and family vintner for details.
"This year, our vineyards, mostly Vitovska, Istrian Malvasia, Glera, Refosco and Terrano, produced over 1000 quintals of healthy grapes, and the dry summer heat brought the grapes to full ripeness in a homogeneous manner. And although from the end of August the rain was abundant, the rainfall did not affect the goodness of the grapes, which presented itself without parasites or molds. The acidity found in this vintage was between 5 and 7 g / L with a satisfactory sugar level of around 20%. We thus obtained harmonic skimmers with a pH around 3.5. In 2017 most wineries had 30% less production compared to 2016, but we can certainly say that the quality remains unchanged from previous years, and indeed, we may also have great surprises, especially from red wines: phenolic compounds of the grape have an importance both on nutrition as antioxidants and on organoleptic level, influencing the color and taste of the future wine. A plaudition also goes to the excellent team that worked in the vineyard this year, allowing us to finish all harvest in 8 days. "
And as we wait to taste the new wine at San Martino, we will check the 6,000 new Istrian Malvasia vines that took root this year in the Kamnje Parovel vineyard in San Dorligo della Valle and continue the great family tradition in the cultivation of this vine, so beloved by Grandfather Peter. A love rooted in more than a century of history.

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