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BIANCHERA-BELICA, the olive from Trieste

Blog / 17/09/2018

It resists the cold, they know it since Roman times .. Bianchera or Belica is our queen olive!
Its name probably derives from the fact that the color change of the fruit (veraison) is late and progressive, and almost never complete even when ripe!

In a month or so we will begin the new olive oil campaign, at the moment we are monitoring the olive groves.

bianchera oliva trieste parovel

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Parovel Refosco, on the Karst, in the Breg and in Istria right since the Renaissance

Blog / 14/09/2018

Euro Parovel Vino Terrano

The name Refosco (Refosc in the Friulian language) probably derives from Rap fosc i.e. dark grapes. The oldest document that witnesses the presence of a Refosco dates back to 1452 where it was genuinely referred to Refosco "maduro", a Refosco made from grapes left to dry before vinification. It was thus obtained a sweet, alcoholic, very fine wine or " fortified wine" , as high-quality wines were called in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. In addition to the sweet Refosco, a dry Refosco was also produced i.e. with no no sugar but just as fine. Thanks to its unique features, Refosco managed to stand out from the many Terrano wines intended as "local ", the result of a mixture of different grapes.

Euro Parovel Vino Terrano Refosco was also used as a blending wine to improve the quality of "ordinary negro" wines for the daily meals. In 1800 there were many varieties that went under the name of Refosco thanks to the great prestige the wine enjoyed. So much so that even a grape from Hungary was baptized "Hungarian Refosco". The name Refosco "dal Peduncolo Rosso" emerged in Udine only in 1863 when a "Grapes Fair" was held. Before this date it probably hid behind the name of Refoschino, the name by which it is still known by in some towns in Friuli. In the years 1960-1970 the Refosco grape had almost disappeared and was deemed unworthy for its characteristics of being little productive and late in bearing fruits. Fortunately today the Refosco is part of the excellence of the wine region.

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AUGUST 2018: Osmiza postponed for anticipated harvest

This year's heat and sunshine, already intensely started in the spring, make us run in the vineyard to harvest in August and thus postpone the opening of the osmiza to the autumn.

Do not worry, we will come back with the cool weather to fill your glasses with the new wine!

But if you are longing for our wines and extra virgin olive oils, as well as in the best shops in Friuli Venezia Giulia, we remind you that you can always find them at our shop open all year!

From Monday to Friday for individuals and companies who want to buy all our products: Mackè, Ul'ka and RoZò extra virgin olive oils, our Barde DOC CARSO-KRAS wine line, our olive paté and pickled olives, but also our special creations: the sparkling Kamje from malvasia and Glera and the E2P Olive Liqueur family recipe.

We also create gift packs on request for original wedding favors ... call us at +39 346-7590953 for any curiosity.

Loc. Zona Artigianale Dolina, 546 (ai piedi del paese di San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina), headquarter of Parovel Oil Mill.

San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina, Trieste - Italia 

tel. +39 040-227050 | +39 346-7590953

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Parovel: 120 years of history of one of the most important families in wines and evo oils trade on the Karst, among Trieste, Slovenia and Istria

In June, our winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra, the company's headquarters in the heart of the Val Rosandra-Dolina Glinščice naturalistic heritage, was the scene of important celebrations around the protagonists, the Elena and Euro Parovel siblings and their families. Five generations of one of the most industrious and well-known families in the agri-food sector of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

An old family of winemakers and olive growers with Slovenian roots, the Parovels have always stood out for their creative and innovative spirit that is revealed both on the land and in the bottle, in wine and extra virgin olive oil, excellent products exported and rewarded all over the world, particularly in the USA, China, Taiwan and Japan.

In 1898 Pietro Parovel began his activity together with his wife Ana and their six children starting from the small village of Caresana Mačkolje, part of the municipality of San Dorligo della Valle, in the province of Trieste; in Caresana, still the beating heart of the family, their hospitality activity in the typical "osmiza" began and continued in the '70s and is now hosted thrice a year in the beautiful winery of Bagnoli della Rosandra, inaugurated in 2004.

Today the company has 13 hectares of olive groves and 15 of vineyards on the border with Slovenia, entering the Istrian peninsula. Over the years, the steepest and best exposed slopes have been arranged in terraces formed with dry-stone walls where vine and olive trees have been cultivated for centuries thanks to the benefit of a temperate Mediterranean climate. The soils are of arenaceous-marly type, different from those of the karst plateau, where limestone and red earth reign, ideal both for viticulture and for olive growing. In the soils of this extreme eastern part of Italy, the Bianchera-Belica olive variety prospers, which Parovel produces with mastery alongside other cultivars and with which they have contributed to the definition of the quality regulation of the DOP TERGESTE oil since the very beginning

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