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Blog - 17/08/2020

glera trieste parovel

The restrictions due to the pandemic made us delay the planting of the new Glera vineyard, which ended in the first days of August. The new vines on the clay and marl soil are already shining in the sun. The protection we usually put around the vine needs to make the new buds grow flourishing.

New vineyard, new life!

Blog - 24/03/2020

potature oliveti trieste parovel

The pruning of the olive tree is essential for healthy fruits and a conspicuous production in November. These days the air is warmer and the pleasantness of outdoor work is increasingly present, despite following the ministerial health restrictions due to the Coronavirus.

Nature is our first ally, we respect it and love it.

Bianchera is the olive of our land.

Blog - 19/02/2020

Hummus extravergine trieste macke

Winter has not yet come forward this year, all we can do while waiting is just taste a hummus with our EVO Mackè. An oriental recipe for all seasons. An excellent side dish or a delicious aperitif combined with our Malvasia istriana Poje Barde with a fruity and aromatic vein that will balance the spicy taste of the dish.

Blog - 04/03/2020

malvasia istriana trieste parovel

There are taces of Malvasia istriana in our land, between Val Rosandra and Istria, since 1300. A fragrant variety, full and persistent, which however hasoften been overlooked due its delicacy and predisposition to diseases. The sanitizing presence of constant breezes and Bora have always allowed minimal interventions, giving us a healty grape that contains a lot of sapidity and minerality, which enhaces bottle aging, even after several years. In fact, the cultivation of Malvasia istriana and other autochtonous is carried out by virtuosos who do not want to come to terms with the market neverthless, operating in a niche that does not have a large production, but offers wines with a strong temper. A "heroic viticulture" that wants to make its wine live even after several years from its harvest.

Dad Zoran in the 70s decided not to eradicate Malvasia vines to make room for reds, thus continuing to produce a pleasantly full and very expressive wine, rich in melodious aromaticity. And here is the name Poje, from the statement "ona poje" which in Slovene means "she sings".

Blog - 10/02/2020

vigneto malvasia istriana trieste parovel

In the months between December and March our main job in the vineyard is winter pruning. It is as important as harvesting the fruit.

Then in February the grass is low, the air is crisp and there is great expectation for the buds. Winter is a fundamental period for the plant, rest is needed for the development of the buds which in the following spring will turn into bunches. A process that takes place without the help of man, mother nature makes work everything.

Jess has been part of our family for many years and follows us happily in the work around Barde.

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