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Our Pic & Taste FVG in the winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra

Blog / 15/09/2021

picnic trieste cantina parovel
The month of September brings warmth and relaxation after a hot Summer. Come and live your Parovel Experience of tasting Barde wines and Tergeste Dop Slow Food Presidium extra virgin olive oils in combination with other local products.
Pic-nic mode is so popular that you are carried away by the breeze of Val Rosandra Natural Reserve with a heart full of goodness..
Thanks Alessia & Alex for visiting us ;-)
We are open every Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00
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We are harvesting the 2021 vintage!

Blog / 10/09/2021

vendemmia 2021 carso vitovska parovel

Today 10 September 2021 we collected the first grapes of Vitovska. The long-awaited moment all year will take us joy, work and excellent wine!

Welcome harvest and good work to all the harvesters!

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WEEK-END PAROVEL open winery every Saturday | geöffnet Keller jeden Samstag

Parovel is waiting for you every Saturday

Our shop corner will also be open for your purchases

from June to October 2021

Saturday > 11 am - 6 pm

info and reservations: +39 3467590953  |

from Trieste: by car (15 min) / bus lines 40, 41 (35 min)

A plaid blanket, a glass of wine, archive vintages, refined appetizers and snacks to savour as an aperitif or light meal, in the winery, among the rows of vines or on the banks of the Rosandra river. 
The pleasure of wine you were looking for and that was not there yet.

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Parovel erwartet Sie jedes Samstag

Unsere shop corner ist auch für Ihre Einkäufe geöffnet

von Juni bis October 2021

Samstag > 11:00 - 18:00

info und reservierungen: +39 3467590953  |

von Trieste: Auto (15 min) / Buslinien 40, 41 (35 min)

Eine Decke, ein Glas Wein, edle Jahrgangsweine, feinste Häppchen und Snacks zum Geschmäcken, als Aperitif oder leichte Mahlzeit, die Sie im Keller, in den Weinbergen oder am Ufer des Baches Rosandra genießen können.
Das Vergnügen an Wein, daß du immer gesucht hast.

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Extra virgin olive oil and Liver

Extra virgin olive oil and health, the link is really very close and to make it known, Parovel is engaged in a new project to disseminate the beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil: a path in collaboration with Natalia Rosso and Claudio Tiribelli of the Italian Liver Foundation and with Deborah Bonazza of ASUGI. In fact, a close correlation has been found between the use of extra virgin olive oil and liver health.

Deborah Bonazza, pathologist at ASUGI, studies liver pathologies with particular attention to liver metabolic diseases (steatosis and steatohepatitis) of the inhabitants of our Friuli Venezia Giulia region and explains to us that liver diseases are on the increase in our region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. These conditions are due to various factors, among these a decisive role is played by the incorrect lifestyle. To study the processes underlying the onset of these alterations, there has been close cooperation with the Italian Liver Foundation for years.

The collaboration with Claudio Tiribelli, scientific director and with Natalia Rosso, senior scientist of the Italian Liver Foundation, is therefore important which are involved in the research of mechanisms involved in chronic liver diseases. For years they have been particularly interested in the study of fatty liver and the impact that nutrition has in the progression / regression of the disease.

The multidisciplinary group of which Parovel is a part therefore goes to discover the properties and qualities of this importance with the aim of correlating the use of extra virgin olive oil with an individual's health condition. After all, Feuerbach argued that "we are what we eat" and we started from this statement to analyze the effects that extra virgin olive oil has on digestion, immunity and liver function.

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