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Pavatich Parovel Olio Capitale Paroveldom Extravergine TriesteExploring new possibilities. This is one of the principles that guides Parovel’s search, which together with attention to the manufacturing expressions of our territory each time creates new intertwinements and lets new projects arise as in the case of Maral for ParovelDom. Maral is an artistic collaboration between design and painting that Parovel will promote through an unprecedented project. Mara Pavatich together with painter Lara J. Marconi is responsible for Maral design and in this interview she tells it so.

What was your path as a designer?
I started with manufacturing, I have always had a passion for sewing and when I was 21 I decided to specialize in tailoring and fashion design going to study in Verona and Milan. In 2006 I began to create hand-knits influenced by my family tradition. I developed a personal technique, all tubular with few seams making a first collection of hats, coats and shawls, very much inspired by the traditional Slovene costume. Since then I have created a collection a year and I slowly introduced the fabric. With the idea of ​​making a ready-to-wear collection accessible to all, I started from cotton and silk. I take the fabric, sew it and dye it and then hang it allowing the color to strain and create original hues and shapes of color.
In 2010 I made the first sale of a collection at a trade fair in Paris dedicated to international buyers. It was very successful, and from then I devoted myself to present collections that could even be events. The last presentation was made in a garage. A very atypical atmosphere, but the event went very well.

Three words to describe yourself..
Sensitive, shy, dreamy.

MaraPavatich parovel copiaWhat brings you closer to Parovel world?
From the beginning I have had a very positive impression, because the company is a family business, where everyone has a role and everyone helps. It’s something that I really like. We do different things, I with the fabrics and Parovel with wine and oil, but we are similar in research and attention to detail. Both our activities trigger the senses.

In realizing this line of fabrics and objects for ParovelDom what did inspire you?
The simplicity of the company that makes products easily understandable by the customer, the fact of being so close to nature and the attempt to promote the olive oil in other contexts. I get further inspiration from the exclusivity of Parovel products. Thinking about the green color of nature, I got the idea to get the color from olive leaves, as much as I'd like to do next with the wine, a color that distinguishes the product.
With my friend, colleague and partner Lara J. Marconi we have elaborated the nature that surrounds us and for the prints that we will shortly achieve we thought about the flowers of the Carso or small wildlife that lives there, like chickadees. On table linens that you will find at Olio Capitale you’ll see animals, plants and flowers that surround us and tell about us.

What type of work did you plan?
In addition to the usual technique which provides for the choice of fabrics, sewing, dyeing and finally printing, on some tissue appliques will also be sewn, in order to make the object even more original.

FIORI OLIVO BN parovel copiaCreations of Maral are visible on the websites and while to see and touch the fabrics and objects created exclusively for ParovelDom the appointment is at Olio Capitale March 7 to 10. The creators will be with us every day in Hall Nordio N20.


Fair hours:

Sat 7 Sun 8 Mon 9 from 10:00 to 19:00

Tue 10 from 10:00 to 14:00

Parovel wines Waldorf Astoria NYC

We are still in the freezing cold New York (-15 ° C) to present our native wines .

The Italian Wine Week ends today after a week of intense meetings in the beautiful setting of the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan where we brought all our Vinja Barde wines.

For more on the event, go to the article by Terra e Gusto of


At Parovel’s the year-end holidays are celebrated with a glass of sparkling wine, not only as an aperitif but also for the whole meal excluding perhaps the dessert, which we’d rather match with wines of older vintages, like a Spomin Barde and old times passito of Moscato Giallo. In fact, the unhealthy and blasphemous habit to combine the dry sparkling wine to desserts brought us to use in a misleading way what is rightly called the most elegant wine of the world, but is not part of our habits. The wine pairing with desserts must necessarily be by concordance. That is, there is so much sugar in the wine so the dessert must have. This stems from the ability of sugar to stimulate our taste buds. If, for example, a sparkling brut would match with a Sicilian cassata, the sugar contained in the latter would stimulate our taste buds to the point that we could even more clearly perceive the acidity of the sparkling wine, its peculiar characteristic. If, however, the champagne were demi - sec or sweet, the sugar content in the same would have the merit to counteract the acidity, mitigating firmly the perception. For sweets and diehard fans of bubbles, we believe that the only sparkling wine to be favored is both Moscato d' Asti and, for those who love the wines a little more " dry " and nervous, the Asti Moscato DOCG.
Our sparkling Kamje, produced every year, a blend of Istrian Malvasia and Glera, name that in Slovene means "stones", is the undisputed star of the moments of joy and festive meals with specialties that highlight its generosity and frankness. Sparkling and mineral, simple, fresh and immediate, it is strongly recommended to taste it in every season or any time of the day. In fact, its tasting takes place " ideally " when it gives its best, i.e. the year after the harvest because, in this case, it maintains its organoleptic characteristics intact for at least one year after bottling.

Parovel a shanghai cina traditional housesOur sales manager Elena has just returned from a week in Shanghai .

What led you to China this time ?
It 'was a normal visit to our customers with some tastings of our extra virgin olive oil Mackè and also the upcoming Chinese New Year, which this year will be the year of the goat.

How does the Chinese public react to a product that is distinctly Mediterranean?
It reacts very positively, before than the taste for a properly healthy matter. The Chinese are increasingly paying attention to the products and the healthy lifestyle. Today they use the extra virgin olive oil for international recipes, but also more and more for the traditional cuisine, like fries and sauteed vegetables .

When you do not participate in events, fairs and tastings how do you spend your time in Shanghai?Vini parovel Shanghai cina Erhu
I explore the international cuisine restaurants that are easily found in big cities, or I go to learn about new places. I like to visit parts of the ancient city with the traditional houses and the daily habits of the population. And finally being a woman I dedicate myself to shopping. I also like to pause and look at the typical craftsmanship, as this Erhu, ancient Chinese stringed instrument still in use today.

Have you got some new inspiration for which there is something that you brought back from this trip?
The impression is that in China and in the East in general there is a huge turmoil and this is of great spur to the search for new ideas and new partnerships.

matos nonet e biscotti

The idea of ​​producing an "orange wine" is very simple: it is making wine from white grapes in the same way as red grapes, favoring a more or less long contact between the skins and the must in fermentation. It’s defined maceration and it’s the skins that give color. In reality, this choice of production is very important because its modalities have a strong impact on the wine’s style. The length of maceration change the taste of wine as its color and you can still do it both in steel tanks and barriques or in amphora.
Undoubtedly the orange wine was born along with wine itself ie at the time of ancient Rome, where winemaking was all made ​​after a period of maceration of white grapes as black ones. It is not a coincidence that the term to designate them is English. The terminology "orange wine" was born in the States in 2008, but this is more of a re-discovery than anything else. In fact, the story begins in Italy in the 90s with the use of Georgian amphorae. Actually, this type of winemaking produces a lot of energy and finesse and brings out the freshness and structure (tannin) that some grapes such as Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio from the south are struggling to develop naturally.
At Parovel we produce an orange wine that is called Matos Nonet Barde which for his vintage 2008 has received this year a rating of 92 out of 100 by the precious guidebook Robert Parker's Wine Advocate.

It is a blend of 60% Istrian Malvasia, the grape that here reigns; 30% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Sémillon, both coming from old vines. We wanted to create a wine in the style of the great French wines: it is fruity (Malvasia istriana), aromatic (Sauvignon blanc) and fresh (Sémillon). The grapes are macerated on the skins for a period of 8 days, the malolactic fermentation is made and it is followed by 8 months aging in French and Slavonia oak barrels. It can be described as a wine of deep golden color. The complex nose and a great personality is characterized by a mint, along with intense aromas of beeswax and dried fruit. The mouth is naturally evolved but remains strictly fresh with a nice flavor of almond cream and a finish of orange peel. 

Like the orange wines Matos Nonet Barde Parovel should not be generally served too cold because it may become too hard and stiff. Better to be served as a red wine at a temperature of around 14-15 degrees and aerate it in time as it’s generally done for the material and great personality wines. In fact, the orange wines have a tendency to express themselves better with the increased intake of oxygen and we have observed during some of our tastings with the wine Matos Nonet Barde that thus it acquires a greater aromatic purity that in the case of Matos Nonet Barde is supported and extended by an evident and distinctive mineral vein. These wines are usually wines to pair with food. Their aromatic richness and depth allow you to create surprising combinations if not new emotions. You can well imagine the combinations that resemble the earth, the plant, autumn and spices such as mushrooms, root vegetables, stewed, preserved or slightly smoked meat..
Our ideal pairing with Matos Nonet Barde is rather ethnic and is duck a l’orange, but it’ll also pair with a simple dish of baked fish with citrus fruits or particularly tasty mature cheese.

Elena Parovel

Sales manager

PAROVEL vineyards and olive groves

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