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fine vendemmia 2017 trieste parovel

The Parovel vintage 2017 is already in the cellar. And to understand how this vintage went, we asked Euro Parovel, the winemaker and family vintner for details.
"This year, our vineyards, mostly Vitovska, Istrian Malvasia, Glera, Refosco and Terrano, produced over 1000 quintals of healthy grapes, and the dry summer heat brought the grapes to full ripeness in a homogeneous manner. And although from the end of August the rain was abundant, the rainfall did not affect the goodness of the grapes, which presented itself without parasites or molds. The acidity found in this vintage was between 5 and 7 g / L with a satisfactory sugar level of around 20%. We thus obtained harmonic skimmers with a pH around 3.5. In 2017 most wineries had 30% less production compared to 2016, but we can certainly say that the quality remains unchanged from previous years, and indeed, we may also have great surprises, especially from red wines: phenolic compounds of the grape have an importance both on nutrition as antioxidants and on organoleptic level, influencing the color and taste of the future wine. A plaudition also goes to the excellent team that worked in the vineyard this year, allowing us to finish all harvest in 8 days. "
And as we wait to taste the new wine at San Martino, we will check the 6,000 new Istrian Malvasia vines that took root this year in the Kamnje Parovel vineyard in San Dorligo della Valle and continue the great family tradition in the cultivation of this vine, so beloved by Grandfather Peter. A love rooted in more than a century of history.

 Por Fesr Parovel Bianchera


Financed by the POR FESR Friuli Venezia Giulia

The project covers research activities carried out in collaboration with researchers from the University of Trieste for the development of high quality products obtained from the olive oil processing chain: extra virgin olive oil, with quality characteristics and locality typical of the Olives cultivar area, and watery extracts of olives leaves with nutraceutical properties and function of food supplement.

Developing some steps in the olive oil chain and producing watermarks in order to obtain high quality products in line with consumer demands, developing innovative production methods and a new production chain dedicated to the integrative market food. Thanks to the research project, Parovel Group will be able to propose to the market an "extra virgin olive oil" product that has been greatly improved in terms of quality and health and to enter a new market, that of supplements based on leaf extracts, Which offers remarkable growth prospects.

Parovel eventi 2016 sponsor

Visavì Barde tasting at Typos 2016

Parovel has been supporting many initiatives expressing the Trieste territory for years and 2016 has been generous towards these events: TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL, historic event about the main Central - Eastern European cinematographies; Trieste Social, which promoted the city on a national level (and beyond) through storytelling ; MARIO MAGAJNA FOTOGRAFO FOTOGRAF on the 100th anniversary from the big photoreporter birth; TYPOS 2016 Silent Spaces - exhibition hosted down the Karst cave of Torri di Slivia. But the initiatives supported have been sporting ones too like LA FRECCIA DEL TEMPO by Liberi Briganti Association - series of meetings about arch and arrows throughout eras and continents; ZLATI LET ZSŠDI - awards to the best Slovenian community athletes in Italy; 15th FAI PARAGLIDING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ; MOTOCLUB TRIESTE - on its 110th anniversary.

But there has been space for kids with PLAYING FOR CHANGE Foundation concert to bring music where there's poverty or culture for everybody with AIUTACI A CRESCERE, REGALACI UN LIBRO in collaboration with Giunti al Punto bookshops. And we've been happy to support the ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DELLA CUCINA - Trieste headquarter with the presentation of the book by Giuliano Relja “I piaceri del Convivio passando per Trieste” with an introduction by Mara Rondi and we're also happy to have participated in the beautiful solidarity event AMATRICIANA SOLIDALE by Scuola Rodari in Trieste to support populations involved by the earthquake.

A year is finishing and anothere one starts with the hope that the joy and will of sharing new ideas and project with our territory may always sparkle in all of us! 

We had the pleasure to host the promoters of the Docet Project at Parovel winery.

Docet is a project by Gianpaolo Lescovelli created to enhance and promote the wine world of the vast but at the same time little territory gathered around the Gulf of Trieste. Docet - in the words of its creator - listens to the stories of women and men, producers, artisans that over the years have been able to build true gastronomic treasures and it is a guide of a community linked to the sense of beauty and taste by organising tastings, events, presentations and wine introduction courses to provide the necessary tools to fully understand the characteristics and beauty of our land. Elena Parovel told our story and we quote the article in full so that you can read it again.

Docet Barde Parovel vini Trieste

"In 1976 we were the first to bottle in the Karst region, along with Lupinc, and we have not stopped."
So says Elena Parovel, a proud woman of her work, her family, the wine that she produces together with her brother Euro, the maison winemaker.
We meet in the beautiful cellar-farm-osmiza in Bagnoli della Rosandra, built 15 years ago where once stood a riding horse school.

Elena how long have you been making wine?
"My family has always been living in this land and has always been devoted to agriculture, the production of olive oil, wine and pig breeding. Since 1898, four uninterrupted generations of farmers. My father worked in the port, but a herniated disc stopped him and forced him to devote himself entirely to viticulture. His efforts were rewarded in 1976 when we in Breg, and Lupinc in Prepotto, were the first to bottle the wine in the Karst region."

She shows me Parovel bottle number 1, slender, Rhine shaped, elegant French-style.

"For some fifteen years, thanks to the work of my brother Euro, we've been producing our flagship: the Barde line, name of our oldest vineyard, the vineyard of our heart."
We go down a beautiful spiral staircase and enter the cellar 6 meters below ground.
"We produce Malvasia, Terrano, Vitovska vinified in stainless steel. In Allier oak barrels and in Slavonian oak casks lie the Matos Nonet (a blend of Malvasia, Sauvignon Sémillon) and Refosco. Our vineyards are located overlooking the valley of the river Osp below the village of Caresana in a place called Barde. Right here our heart beats. We are lucky to have vineyards perfectly facing south south-west, the sun, therefore, is not lacking and the maturation of the grapes is complete. Our excellence is represented from these sun-kissed vineyards. With our fully ripe grapes we give expression to varieties that represent our land as the Vitovska, Malvasia, Glera, Refosco and Terrano. We continue to grow ithe old vines that remain of ancient vineyards such as Semillon, late harvest in early October, which gives the Matos Nonet a particular elegance."
While chatting we enter the tasting room, lovely spacious. The walls are red. Beautiful restored wooden tables decorate the room, we choose one in perfect deco style.
In short, tradition and innovation go hand in hand here?
"We strongly believe that wine must tell the territory, its history, its traditions and, at the same time, must look to the future and, therefore, put itself at stake and evolve."
Elena's passion is manifested in every word, there is much satisfaction in opening her bottles and serve with pride and love.

How will the olive vintage 2016 be? Throughout the national territory the fly returned to "pay a visit" to the olive groves and at national level there has been a decline in production, somewhere more massive, in other regions as our more limited. "The olive harvest begins this weekend in about 600 hectares of FVG, including 400 in full production and 200 new planting (expectations ranging between 10 and 15 years, well beyond the time of the vine, no more than three years). The Ersa, with precise control in its 35 local stations, informs on its website about the status of the plants weekly" (Source: Il Piccolo). luce del mattino olive bianchera triesteTo introduce the large audience to the extra virgin olive oil made in Trieste  Parovel Oil Mill reopens in Zona Artigianale Dolina. The first varieties to be milled the are sweeter and more present on the national territory: leccino, maurino, leccio del corno and pendolino, then as we approach November the gathering will involve the native variety trees of bianchera. The maturation of the olive always depends on exposure as well as for all the fruits and on the territory of San Dorligo della Valle / Dolina we have the micro-zones characterized by its own microclimate, which contributes to early or late ripening. As always, the weather in the next few weeks will still affect the oily degree and the quality of the crop, but so far we can say that in Trieste the hot summer and the relative low humidity led to a production substantially in health. Even the stage of flowering/fruit developing set in June has enjoyed a fairly stable climate. The production situation will be fairly homogeneous in all Parovel olive groves, with a discreet ration pulp/kernel despite the oil fly that has unfortunately affected also our olive groves, where in order to stem the damage we practice integrated pest management.

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